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Transit to Scorpio coverLlahal and lahal. Welcome to, Dray Prescot's unofficial home on the web.

This site is about the series of books by "Dray Prescot", as told to Alan Burt Akers (actual author Henry Kenneth Bulmer). It is set on Kregen, a planet in the Antares star system. Dray Prescot in transported there from Earth, by those interested in utilizing him to influence the course of events there.

Through the course of 13 years, in the 70s through mid 80s,  I would visit the bookstore with great anticipation every April, August, and December. Hoping to find the latest Dray Prescot book, and I was frequently rewarded. After 1985 things got a lot tougher, with DAW releasing only one more book in 1988. The series continued to be published in Germany, and in the latter half of the 90s, Savanti Press e-published a handful of the new books as well as a number of the earlier ones. Now Mushroom eBooks have published all of the books in ebook form. Note that they do have sample chapters available for free download.

Dray Prescot is described as a man a little above medium height, with broad shoulders, straight brown hair, and brown eyes that are level and oddly dominating. There is air about him of abrasive honesty and fearless courage. He moves like a great hunting cat, quiet and deadly.

The series starts...

Although I have had many names and been called many things by the men and beasts of two worlds, I was born plain Dray Prescot.

Site Dedication

To Henry Kenneth Bulmer who brought this world to life, giving us many great adventures through his 52 Dray Prescot books, and also to many dedicated fans who keep this world alive in their hearts.

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